Meditate  Write  Now:

The Space Between the Words

Meditate Write Now creative writing approach brings words and silent spaces between them together. I’m passionate about words, whether leading children’s book clubs, adult writers’ groups, editing stories, grants, novel writing or blogging. Sharing carefully crafted words sparks readers and writers alike to hone their own stories. Connecting through conversation, making memories matter, embracing revision and editing, are skills I’ve acquired after years practicing art-making, imaginative wordplay, writing for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Meditation kept my mind from meandering too far off point, allowing writing from the still point within to emerge. Bringing worlds of words and silence together is the “Meditate Write Now” process shared in groups. 

Offerings: Meditation instruction; Writing coaching; Writing and meditation group classes; Content editing. Customized workshops and retreats; Academic and writing tutoring for students.  

Where creativity and healing meet: Private Reiki and healing meditation sessions.  

Sheila Lewis