I fail miserably at avoiding the news, read the NY Times daily, and practice alert eavesdropping at cafes around the city. Despite years of meditation and turning within, it takes about one second to pull me out into some juicy bit of news or gossip. So I was particularly horrified to hear of the movie theatre shooting last week, and then see it splashed across the front pages. I will not mention names and details, because I believe our violence-loving, guns-r-us and available to every nut job, action (high testosterone) movie-making and viewing culture, does not need any more energy behind it. Liberals tell their kids to ignore or walk away from bullies, and conservatives may justify buying guns as their constitutional right. Either way we swing,  we continue to grow a culture that glorifies bullies by giving them valuable media space. Nothing is learned or changed from all the editorializing and “commentating” unless violence and the easy purchase of ammo and guns (like the kind used in wars!) is curbed.

What can we do? Delete this kind of news–disturbing of our sleep as it is–from our conversation and consciousness. Take 5 minutes to meditate on peace, or connect with peace in nature, a symphony, or simple act like watering your plants or walking your dog. If you are so moved, write letters to the editors or lawmakers  and you might even boycott the latest cineplex blockbuster.