Writers and Readers again, please check out a wonderful book by Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, a public servant clearly committed to serving the people, who discovered and practices Mindfulness and Meditation as a means to be more effective in his personal and public spheres. He discusses and cites research from U of Mass’s MBSR clinic (founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn) on how practice changes brain state, and tells the stories of Mindfulness’s use in education, the miliary, and yes, even in Congress. He spoke along with MBSR’s Dr. Saki Santorelli at the JCC in Manhattan. His passion, heart, and practicality were refreshing antidotes to the Elections’ media frenzy. I was fortunate also to meet his editor at the event, and wish Hay House and Mr. Ryan (not to be confused with Paul Ryan) well in getting this important book out.

Please note: “Mindfulness” has been around for centuries, called by other names in Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and other traditions. However, I capitalize it here as it is the brand referred to in “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,” or MBSR, a program that has reached thousands of people since its inception at U. of Mass. Medical Center.