Sometimes 5 minutes is all it takes to refresh and recharge. Sometimes it takes a lot more. Today I decided to take a sick day. It’s hard to declare a sick day when you work for yourself, as I do. No one quite believes that writers are home (or in some cafe) working, sick or well. I’ve had a lingering, wheezy cough and cold, the kind that comes from seasonal change or too much stress. So, in addition to doing all the right conventional and holistic treatments, I’m adding some healing meditations. They’re like the usual meditations, only with an intention to heal, in this case, a lousy cold. Whether you are under the weather, or at the top of your form, the RX for healing meditation is simple:

1. Put your to do list and activities on PAUSE. Do only what is essential. Maybe you have to heat up some soup or make two, not 20, phone calls. Emails and that intense project can wait. Or stagger them.  

2. Commit yourself to a day of REST, like a weekday Sabbath. Add doses of frequent meditation, naps, or floating in an aromatherapy bath.

3. STOP feeling guilty about slacking off. Don’t think too much. “Be” more, think less.

And try this healing meditation between pauses:

Close your eyes and connect to your breathing. Be aware how it may feel different depending on whatever pain or discomfort or “different sensation” you are experiencing.  Locate in your body that area of discomfort. Surround it with a thick, golden honey-like light. If you are too cold, feel its radiant warmth. If you are too warm, feel it like cool water. Water and energy are mutable, and so is pain. Wait without striving for a shift of sensation. 

Ask yourself, what does this feeling (or physical sensation) have to tell me now? Perhaps the message will simply be to pause, rest, and stop. Enjoy the “time off.”