Free Write Friday: Go Forth and Follow Your Good (News)

This weekend I got some good news about Catya McMullen, the daughter of dear friends, who won this year’s prestigious, competitive Samuel French new playwright’s contest. This means she is a bonafide playwright who will be paid for work that will be published and produced. What surprised me was how happy I was to hear her news, good news. I’ve heard more “bad” news in the last few years, about friends losing jobs, whose kids are in trouble, people getting ill, dying. I’d forgotten what “good” news sounds like and does to the soul. Perhaps it’s my fault, I’d become conditioned to listening for the loud, bad news, and what I need to do is pay more attention to the quiet, good news. And write about it. Try this:

1. News Flash: Write up some “good news” moments from your own life or the lives of loved ones and friends. Cheer yourself up.

2. On another track, take a journey, literally or metaphorically, and write:

A. Imagine back to a time when you took a journey, scary, outside of your comfort zone, where no one spoke your language or knew you. Write about it. What was it like? What did you learn? What happened upon your return, if you returned?

B. Take a favorite hero from literature or history (including the Bible or another scripture) and adapt their journey to your own time, place, or voice. Or, speaking in first person, write their story from your own or someone else’s point of view.

For instance, if you were writing as Rebecca, Isaac’s wife, you might say: “This servant comes up to me, parched, with a pack of camels. Now he wants me to come with him and marry some distant relative. Am I crazy to go? Well, it’s got to beat hanging around this place.”  

Share your good news and journeys with a friend and with us.