Flawed and Not Apologizing

I wanted to apologize, but then, I don’t believe much in apologies. They can be so lame. That said, I am sorry for not blogging for these last few months. My “flaw” as a writer is to have too many ideas and balls in the air, and too much life to live. Actually, this is a good way to be, but writing takes time, and sometimes life is far more interesting and unpredictable than anything we can write about. On Dec. 22, 2013, I became a grandma to Micah Simon Lewis, the happiest diversion I have ever encountered. I won’t gush on here (save for another time and similarly besotted grandparents), but his birth has been a shining light in an otherwise wild winter. What I have noticed, and the world shift watchers and star gazers may confirm, is a huge shift in consciousness. Two apparent patterns: 1. People who have lived a lie or “under cover,” wanting to look good in society, will have their covers blown unless they confront their deepest fears and avoidances. 2. People who consider themselves “late bloomers,” seekers, explorers, off the beaten pathfinders, who were less invested in “looking good” but perhaps more invested in “feeling good” and transforming their planet, are starting to get their due. Still, people in this group also hide–sometimes its their light, or who they truly are.  

I will write more about this and post. But first, a visit to my grandson. I really can’t resist. For now, look at, under, and around any of the covers that are starting to slip off. Denial, control, false humility? What secrets have you been hiding? How do you plan to reveal or not reveal them, for the good of all concerned? What’s to gain or lose?