Last night in sub zero weather, I hobbled with fractured foot and the help of a friend to teach my monthly “Job/Life Transition with Joy and Purpose” class. We always discuss what’s been going on for folks, and one honest soul admitted that he didn’t do last month’s assignment (pasting cut out pictures onto a vision board) because he always procrastinates. “I had all the parts, all I had to do was tape.” So many of us are like that, we do 90% of the work, then quit or stop. Somehow we tricked him into doing the deed then and there in class in about five minutes. The ‘stuck’ that accompanies procrastination and our stories around this friendly foe, when unravelled, loosen us from judgment and further procrastination. Here are a few of the revelations we discussed that may help you bust your procrastinatory ways:
1. Don’t judge it, you may be procrastinating for good reason and getting lots of other stuff done while waiting it out.
2. Contemplate what’s scary about finishing the object of your procrastination, as in fear of success or failure, letting go of an enjoyable process, or expected criticism. Recognize that fear as ego-based and let it lie (it does lie, anyway). Don’t try to quell, ignore, or understand it. Just move forward. How do you do that??
3. Baby steps, big steps, any steps at all. Open a new file, make that call, write a poem. Distract yourself away from the Big Procrastination. Come back in a while. Catch yourself from awfulizing, general comments like “I always procrastinate.”
4. In summary, beat procrastination at its own game without judgment, enjoyably, one step at a time and without falling asleep. Procrastination hates an alert mind.

Share your latest procrastination with us, how you beat it, or not. We’ll help you.
Because after all, we’ve all been there.