Growing Into Positivity

If you’ve been “on the path” since, say the ’70s, doing affirmations, self-help courses, visioning or positive thinking your way out of all negative situations life has to offer, and being the first of your friends to buy the latest “New Age” bestseller, I ask, “So, how’s that been going for you?”

I say this as your fellow traveler on the path. However, although I’m not a full-blown “positive thinker,” I haven’t given up on getting what I want, having my dreams manifest into total riches, self-fulfillment, and a better world for my grandchildren.

I have done some deep thinking about positive thinking. Over time, I’ve concluded that I’ve been on the wrong track by trying to brim over with positivity, passion, and optimism, ignoring my personality since birth as a non-enthusiast. Let me be concrete. When friends ask sympathetically, Well, what are you excited about, where’s your passion, I freeze.

I mean, the things that excite me don’t normally bring about self-actualization or an inflated bank account. I’m excited about brewing a perfect cup of tea, but don’t have the business chops to start a chain of tea salons or brews to rival Starbuck’s. I’m passionate about pine-scented, clean floors, but don’t see myself mopping my way to stardom.

I have nothing against excessively positive people. In fact, my husband is one. What I’ve come to realize is that there are people who will do what they love and succeed at it and there are people who will grow to love or at least tolerate what they do. And if I do a few things every day that I love (drink tea, read magazines), that passion can be transferred to more onerous tasks, whittling away at my sense of drudgery or doomsday pessimism. It’s why in answer to the question “why bother?” I bother.

Try it for yourself. Surround your pessimism with your passion. It’s a piece of cake! And a second helping won’t kill you.

Happy May 2015!