I’m going to wake up and write a short piece every day for 30 days; my writing buddy in Duluth is going to do the same. I invite you to join the challenge. Write for 15 minutes, three pages, whatever you like. Aim for a new observation, something fresh. A conversation overheard, the evening light casting a gauzy shadow over the street, the city waking up to a symphony of trucks. Go cultural, what exciting play, movie, exhibit, or event did you “lose” and find yourself in?What are you reading? Pause on the pavement and take note.

Today on Broadway and 90th st. I bumped into lovely Ella in her stroller. She was with her mom, Lauren, a friend of my daughter-in-law Lauren. Together we bought bargain-priced healthy cereal at the store. Ella showed no signs of jet lag, despite having just flown back from Israel. I’m glad we had that pause together, as they are moving to Bayside in a few weeks.

I like to write after a walk or meditation. When do you write?