There really is a “blue moon,” every year around this time. In India, the appearance of the fullest moon in the fullness of summer, is celebrated on the holiday Guru Purnima, which is today. I started my day teaching meditation, then attended a sublimely musical and meditative program at the first place I learned to meditate (Siddha Yoga Center), had lunch with dear friends, and then got on line to work. I took some time out (procrastinatorily, but enjoyably) to catch up on blogs and emails.

I recommend you bring color and imagination into your day by visiting the blog of conceptual artist/painter/writer AJ Atwater This one is worth it. I met Minnesotan AJ at JCC’s morning meditation; she started coming to New York twice a year to paint and imbibe the city’s creative juices. The blue moon of creativity shines through AJ’s art. I wish you all an expanded day.┬áHere’s a “Blue Moon” meditation you can try:

1.If you have clear skies (sorry, urban dwellers in dense spaces), wait until dark. Gaze at the moon. See its luminous light, brilliant against a dark sky. This can work in your mind’s eye, too.

2.Make a wish upon the moon. Ask for brightness to illuminate a dark or gray area in your life. On Guru Purnima, there is extra celestial power. Or, just enjoy the energies and feel what they bring into your being.