Way Cool Big Words: From Neuroscience to Consciousness

What is a way cool big word? It’s a word that delights, intrigues, jolts the mind or satisfies its curiosity. Such a word leads to an explosion of ideas with the same pre-fix or root, as in “neuro” words, neuroscience, neurotransmitters, neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, neurolinguistics, etc. “Neuroscience” sounds grander than “brain science,” because it implies something beyond the physical self. I won’t attempt to define it further here. Way cool big words like these lead us inward to explore, lighting our linguistic neurons. But they also radiate out, connecting us to larger worlds of thought.

For example, the word “neuroscience” encompasses the studies of psychology, behavior, biology, the mind-body connection and Consciousness itself, which is Infinite. When we contemplate Consciousness and connect to Universal Mind, we surpass our limited identification with “my mind” or “my thoughts.” This may occur just for a moment, in meditation or as we lose ourselves in some artistic or athletic pursuit. It may happen unintentionally, without our permission. But the intentional practice of meditation—with proper guidance and instruction—assures that it will happen safely, in our own best interest, with our willing, if not always fearless, and full participation. To expand your connection to higher Consciousness, practice Sky Meditation:

1.Set a five or ten minute timer. (You can go for longer, next time).

2.Breathe in deeply, allowing the space in back of the throat to expand, before breathing out. Follow the rhythm of the breath for several rounds. You may want to count as you breathe—inhale 4, pause 7, exhale 8.

3.Come to a place of stillness, quietly aware of any sensations or thoughts. Let them come and go, without judging or engaging them.

4.Picture a vast sky. Direct your awareness up and above your head; see and fly as far as the sky will take you. Let yourself go.

  1. After 5-10 minutes, open your eyes, coming back to an expanded sense of self.  Try for longer before going to sleep at night.

When I look at the sky, what do I see? How can I go beyond my limitations?