We are living in an age of excommunication (I mean, ex-). Like, you’d think people are communicating all the time. Right? No problem. They do, on their devices. This isn’t real, deep conversation. It’s more like this:

We should make a plan sometime.

Ok, when?

Not now, I’m tired.

To plan?

Yeah, talk later.


This is not communication. It’s not even planning. Perhaps it’s post-communication. Because really good communication is face to face or second best, face-time to face-time. Planning is a poor cousin or unrelated to deep communication. In my family, it may involve a long chain of emails to discuss a gathering at some future time and place when everyone can congratulate themselves that the plan actually happened or didn’t happen. Deep communication free of the intrusion of planning is elusive, in which case talking on the phone can be a delightful surprise.

Ah, the seduction of electronics. Take a day (or a few hours) to excommunicate your devices. Observe this day as a sabbatical, Shabbat, or the Sabbath. And after a good talk, observe the satisfaction of silence and the appreciation of being heard.

Can we reduce our electronic footprint by just plain talking? What can be gained? Try it for once and get hooked.