Baby Steps or Giant Leaps?

Happy July 4th week! I have not blogged in nine months. There’s no excuse, other than I am re-calibrating (now there’s a shifty word) my work on so many levels. Do you ever find yourself at the precipice of change but not quite ready to leap across the chasm? This is the adult version of the kid’s game Giant Steps. It may be a recipe for frustration, or worse, stalled purpose. This is an issue for so MANY of us. For others, they might be enlightened or more likely, unawake, even dead, to the call of purposeful transformation in their lives. Great leaders suggest that small steps will ultimately lead to significant mileage and a new landscape. Great writers prescribe the practice of writing 100 words or so a day, until voila, a bestseller has been word processed. Great beings urge us to cross chasms by leaping past our limiting beliefs and tentative steps: the bolder, the better. Are you a stepper, a leaper, or some of each? What works best for you and how so?

It is not so simple. I know that much as I like the notion of leaping, I am 1. afraid of heights and diving, and 2. more temperamentally suited to taking steps before I leap. So today, check your chasm quotient, and take a few or a thousand steps. Clean out one closet or box of files, or the whole darn house. Share your game or intention here or at, and I will be your “cheer-leaper.”

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