Creativity, Longevity, Birth

Meditation, in the state of pure awareness, precedes the move towards or impulse of doing-ness, what we refer to as “creating something from nothing.” How many of us live in our heads, starring in our own endless scenarios? Of those, how many become actionable ideas? Writers are simply those idea spinners who make something out of nothing, a story, essay, poem. I am excited to have made something out of nothing in various recent publishing efforts, and feel as if I am pregnant with (or just birthing) triplets:

  1. I was the editor and project manager (or, the “midwife” who got it birthed to form) for my uncle Joseph Feingold’s heartfelt memoir: “Joe’s Violin: A Survivor Remembers,” now available on Amazon (Rachen Press), $18, or e-book.
  2. I am co-creator of a contemplative, practical card deck; it’s being richly designed, edited, and in the hands of “Beyond Words,” our partner in publishing. It’s meant to stir you to action and innovation. Beyond that, I can’t say more. But soon!
  3. My Middle Grade children’s “history mystery, time travel” novel (ages 9-12) is being submitted. It’s been an illuminating adventure over several years.

I can’t thank enough the mentors, students, buddies, readers, and chance encounters that have synchronistically fueled each of my “write to publish” endeavors. I’ve learned helpful techniques that I share in my tele-class and live writing groups. Best way to contact me now is email:, and see how we can write and work together.

I dedicate this April 30, 2018 blog to my mom Ruth Kaufman, upon her 94th birthday. She has taught us to focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. That could be the secret to longevity and creativity. Have an especially creative day!