About Sheila

I’m passionate about personal transformation through meditation, creativity, and playful learning.

Here’s a time capsule of what I’ve done.Sheila Lewis Meditate Write Now

Writing & Editing

Co-author, My Calm Place: Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Strategies for Children card deck contains 52 exercises to de-stress, recharge, move, connect, imagine, focus. (pesipublishing.com). Co-authoring second deck, Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit, designed to inspire business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives. Publication progress and Spanda workshops will be announced here. 

 I work from spark to finish as a writing coach, editor, and gentle nudge with clients one-on-one or in small writing groups (live or on phone). My own work includes essays, memoir/NF, and children’s writing. Blogs under the spacious umbrella Meditate Write Now include: short meditations, mini-breaks, creative tips, writing prompts.

 I’ve co-authored Stress-Proofing Your Child with husband Sheldon Lewis (Bantam Books). While on executive staff at Girl Scouts USA, penned 100s of badges, booklets, and handbooks, including: “Read to Lead” (literacy), “All in Good Faith” (multiculturalism). Authored, collaborated on “Brain Gain” learning modules for Boys and Girls Clubs of America and The Children’s Aid Society; wrote curriculum for The Knowledge Project (media, literacy, environment, career education, mentorship), and The Merrie Way Community (Peace Smarts programs). Ten year tenure at Girl Scouts highlight: working with US Dept. of Education on President Clinton’s America Reads; Partnership for Family Involvement in Learning; national arts  initiatives. From this broad, national perspective, I’ve applied cutting edge techniques in private tutoring work and as an educator.

 Teaching, Tutoring, & Transformation

Over 30 years ago, having happily stumbled on yoga and meditation, I now teach related classes, workshops privately and at community centers, including JCCs Manhattan and Harlem. I’ve lead book clubs for JCC’s Jewish Journey Project since 2012, justifying piles of books  everywhere. I’ve taught in varied Jewish congregational schools and teach design- your-own Jewish/Hebrew studies independently.

 Meditation and creativity classes, workshops blend ancient wisdom, wellness modalities, practical/creative tools, and include “Life (Job) Transition with Joy and Purpose,” “Changeless States in Turbulent Times,” “Creative Mind Mapping.” Mapping blends creative visualization, collage, writing, goal-making and playful learning. Beautiful mind maps will soon grace pages of this site.

Wearing an earlier art hat, I studied Fine Art (BFA, Boston University); Educational Media (MA, Teacher’s College, Columbia University), there developing interest in “non-formal” education. Acted as Director of Education for one of New York’s first holistic health centers (early 80s), taking classes there too, in healing, shiatsu, herbal remedies. Later, trained in Reiki Levels 1 & 2. Reiki and healing meditation sessions are available.

 Mostly I’ve learned by doing, doodling, daydreaming, reading too much, talking to people about what I don’t know, teaching and parenting. Grown sons, Ezra, school psychologist and adorable Micah’s dad, and Zach, who sees the world through his unique lens of autism, continue to inspire and teach what can’t be learned in books.