Projects and Progress

Recent projects include compiling interviews for and editing the manuscript Joe’s Violin Remembers, a Memoir, by Joseph Feingold, based on his life from escape during WWII to Siberia and coming to America. The last chapters describe his surprising adventure as an icon of hope after he donated his violin, bartered in a German DP camp in 1946, to a Bronx schoolgirl during a WQXR music drive. The story, Joe’s Violin, is the subject of an Academy Award nominated film in the short documentary category. Joe is also my uncle. We are currently seeking publication. Stay tuned for progress. Visit and read more about Joe’s incredible journey.

An inspirational card deck (52 cards) with co-author Andrea Adler was just completed, Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit. As we are currently seeking partners in publishing and marketing the copyrighted cards (and related materials), stay tuned for more information about progress and availability.

I’m helping clients pull together and edit their creative work. As a writer, I work with “writing buddies” to write and submit our pieces, short and long. I recommend buddies for accountability, creative output, and fun. Think of them as friends with purpose, cheerleaders, and trusted allies, the glue and heart of your writing community.

For information about ongoing and new classes, writing groups, and phone sessions, contact me on the website form or via email