Projects and Progress

Recent projects include an inspirational 52 card deck and booklet, Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit, co-created with Andrea Adler, Beyond Words publishing (09-’18). The aphorisms, explanations, and takeaways, bridge ancient wisdom and business acumen. Each card offers a fresh way to enhance creativity and unlock the entrepreneurial spirit. Not just for entrepreneurs, but for all who want to bring more joy, ease, creativity and innovation into their day and work.

Understandably, people get confused by the popular notions to “be in the moment” and “stay present,” as growth happens when we continually move with purpose to what we want. Can we achieve stillness and equanimity amidst uncertainty, change, and chaos? Wouldn’t you like to do that after a quick jolt from reading a Spanda card? Stay tuned for more information about Spanda cards and customized workshops, described here:

Workshop 1: Spanda Meditation & Creativity:  Through contemplative practices such as meditation, visualization, and writing, participants are guided to access their inner Spanda, or inspiration, to manifest the results they want. Exercises are aimed for entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone who wants to break out of the mold and try something bold—even if they don’t yet know what it is.

Materials include hand-outs and the newly published card deck and booklet, Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit (Beyond Words Publishing, Sept. 2018), by Andrea Adler and Sheila Lewis. You may order it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or at Beyond Words website. A pre-order flyer is available. For ease, just email me:

Workshops meet in two 90 minute sessions, or for one half-day. Follow up and individual coaching sessions are available.

For more information, call 917 602-2490, or stay tuned at

To pre-order Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit you can also visit Get them in time for the holidays and the start of a busy Fall!

Workshop: Creative Mapping for Your Life’s Vision

This new Creative Mapping workshop is based on over 18 years of experience teaching meditation and a visual mapping process I call “Creative Mapping.” It moves an idea or project closer to completion. Based, in part, on Mind Mapping (originated by Eric Jensen) and other educational modalities, I’ve added a touch of play to it, using the newly published Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit (Beyond Words publishing. Sept, 2018).

The process involves art, collage making, writing or finding words and images. No art talent or previous knowledge is needed, just your intention to work on something you’d like to manifest. Visual imagery and color stimulate the imagination. Your next brainstorm or project will find a home in this hands-on workshop, which incorporates timeless teachings and meditations. Part 1 is two hours. Follow up, part 2, is encouraged 3-4 weeks later.

For new information, stay tuned and visit

For more about what Spanda means and to order the cards, see By Sept. 2018, you can also reach me at: In addition, the new website offers fresh content and blogs, guiding you to move towards what you want, and talk less about what you don’t want.

Recently, I was also editing, project managing, and helping to publish the memoir, Joe’s Violin: A Survivor Remembers, by Joseph Feingold, my uncle. It’s based on his escape during WWII to Siberia and coming to America after discovering his hometown in Poland did not welcome returning Jews (see the Kielce pogrom). The last chapters describe Joe’s surprising turn as an icon of hope after he donated his violin, bartered in a German DP camp, to a Bronx schoolgirl during a WQXR music drive. The heartfelt story, depicted in Joe’s Violin, a short documentary film, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2017. Order the book on Amazon, by title or author’s name, or at To see the film, go to

As an editor and coach, I’ve worked with writers to help prepare their work for publication. As a writer, I’m a great fan of “writing buddies,” friends with purpose, trusted allies, the glue and heart of a writing community. Write with a buddy to sustain momentum. I’m also a fan of writing groups, and lead one monthly. We start with meditation, write freely or from prompts, and gently critique new and revised work; writers ask for specific feedback. Avoid “lonely writer’s syndrome” with buddies and groups. A third option is to find a writing ange. I found one while writing by my lonesome in a cafe–a total stranger who offered to read my work. She did, and over the course of weeks, provided a timely nudge, and appreciated writing advice I gave her in return.

For all of the above…it’s also fine to leave “name & number” messages at 917 602-2490 or