Testimonials for Sheila Lewis as a writing coach

“Sheila Lewis has reinvigorated my commitment to writing. As leader of our writing group, Sheila dispenses just the right combination of critique and support that makes you a better writer. And by starting with a meditation, Sheila helps you uncover the hidden gems within you.” Mindy Liss, Corporate Communications & Speech Writer

“For me as a literary short fiction writer, I can say Sheila Lewis’s writing prompts as presented during meditation/writing sessions have led me to several fully-formed and soon-to-be submitted stories.  Writing, reading and discussion all have an informing and positive place in the sessions.” AJ Atwater, writer, artist, retired college administrator

“Sheila has a special talent and passion for nurturing writers. She’s attentive and supportive not only during our group sessions but in between as well. I’m thriving under her care and inspired by the quality of writing by her group members.” Kate G, Business Consultant

“I have known Sheila for nearly twenty years and have had the pleasure of interacting with her as a colleague at the Girl Scouts of the USA, a writing partner on a freelance curriculum design project, and in creative writing groups. Sheila is a wonderful writer with a true knackfor telling stories that are appealing to the audience, particularly young adults. She is also a leader in the field of mindfulness—practicing and teaching meditation long before it was in the mainstream—and has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge with others.” —R. Cryan, Writer and Editor, (Web & Educational).

Testimonials for Editing, Writing, and Book Reviewing

“Sheila was actually the second editor on Bond. Anthony Bond: Adventures in My Own Right.  So she received a manuscript that was nearly ready for publication but which I felt could benefit from another editor’s overview. Right away I was impressed with her professionalism. She replied to my query within a day or two, quoting her rates and explaining her MO in clear language. During the editing process she’d send me a quick note to say she’d received my latest email, always with an insightful comment. Compared to my first editor, she worked at lightning speed, which I loved.  Her pithy replies to my queries were invariably helpful. All in all, a great experience. She’ll be my first choice for my next book.” Anthony Bond, former Marathon Runner and Journalist, Author, Entrepreneur

“After having worked with Sheila Lewis on a book, I came to admire her keen sense of language and precise editing skills.  She is professional and enthusiastic about her work. I highly recommend Sheila Lewis for all editing assignments.” Susan Goldstein, Co-author of The Communication Contract; Creator, Golden Voices.

“Have I told you how stunning your review is?!  I think I did, but I want to tell you again…I should only be so lucky that all or even some of the reviews be as thoughtful and well-written. Thank you again and again!” Ani Guzman, Author, “The Tremble of Love,” A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov.”

“I do think the idea of your (children’s book) series can work for you and a potential publisher. It is especially up to the minute with girls as heroes and as lead characters and the title gives you room for different issues in different periods of history…” Margie Morse, Reading Specialist, tutor, former middle grade teacher.